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I'm Not The Only One Reinventing. And I Love It!


I mean, just wow. That’s really all I can say to the amount of feedback and support I received after my first post.

But what’s even better, is hearing all of the stories that were shared with me in response.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that article would resonate with so many, but over the past week or so I’ve been lucky enough to connect with not just family and friends, but complete strangers who have shared their stories and vulnerabilities.

In a year that’s brought immeasurable amounts of isolation, finding common ground and new avenues for connection has been the ultimate silver lining.

For me, a lot of my decision was clearly motivated by being a parent. Making sure I am present when they need me most is a conscious decision that I’m always struggling to keep at the center of every move I make. Don’t get me wrong, I fail miserably and quite often, but it’s a value I strive towards every day.

But what was truly amazing about the feedback I received was that, parent or not, so many of you are taking this time in 2020 to focus on what matters most to YOU. Figuring out what YOU want out of life. Making sure what you’re doing day in and day out serves a purpose to feed your soul and ignite your passions. Both personally and professionally.

I’ve been contacted by those who finally felt the courage to leave unhealthy work environments or decided it’s now or never to launch a small business. I’ve even heard from a few that saw this year as the time to finally leave that toxic relationship.

But it makes so much sense as to why. We were forced to slow down and look at the bare bones of our lives from all aspects this year. For many of us, it meant facing truths and realities we could easily mask with days full of commutes, project deadlines, and full social calendars. If I’m to be completely open and vulnerable, I found this almost as terrifying as the possibility of contracting a potentially fatal virus.

Self-reflection Land can be a scary place to visit.

But that reflection influenced my decision and that decision brought me to this blog that’s connected me with so many recently.

So now I find myself asking: What if we flip the script on 2020 and instead of seeing it as a year of shutdowns and restrictions, we see it as the year we slowed down, truly reflected, and reinvented ourselves in order to come out happier than we were going in?

What shifts for a better every-day have you made this year?

If none, what would switch up first?

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a major life upheaval, maybe it’s reinventing your diet, discovering new books you would you have put off reading, or changing up your hair.

The smallest adjustment in your life can make all the difference. And in a world where it feels like we have control of nothing, reinventing a small aspect allows us to take a piece of that back.

I’d love to hear more about what you’ve done, what you’re planning to do, or what you’d love to do next.

Comment below or on my latest IG post here. I’ve had such a great time connecting with others on this path, I’d love for you all to meet each other as well!

If you want to keep it private, I completely respect that; shoot me an email or feel free to slide in my DMs on Instagram or Twitter.

Either way, let’s keep these conversations going!

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