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Get Cozy With Me!

My Favorites For A Guilt-Free Day In Bed!

Hustle Culture.

Hustle Porn.

The RISE of the GRIND, if you will. I bought into it for years. I’d flex my dedication to my career by working long hours, obsessing over things entirely out of my control, all with a pulsating feeling of guilt coursing through me if I was using any free time for pleasure.

I wrote about the emotional whiplash I went through when I left my full-time position a few months back, and judging by the feedback I received, that “unwind” bit really hit home for a lot of you.

So I figured I’d expand in all my potato-chip-eating, Netflix-binging glory to provide you with my ultimate guide for a guilt-free day in bed!

DISCLAIMER: You do not need to quit your job to enjoy a day like this. We ALL deserve it. Consider this your official permission slip for a day where you complete absolutely nothing but The Queen’s Gambit. (And if you haven’t yet, watch it! It’s my favorite series of all of 2020!)

Let's Get Cozy!

Shop the Essentials!

  • Oversized off-the-shoulder sweater:

  • Thigh-high sweater socks:

  • My favorite chips:

  • Weighted blanket. Because 2020:

  • The Fuzziest of slippers:

  • Because every day in bed needs chocolate:

  • The BEST pillow for the occasional nodding-off:

  • For ALL the snacks:

See The Full Guide Here!

Get Cozy With Me! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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