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Mindy Thomas is a Columbus, Oh podcast host and digital content creator.


A proud product of the Midwest, Mindy resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two kids. From the beginning, Mindy knew she was destined for a less conventional career path, even if she didn't know what that meant at the time.

Her first major reinvention found her leaving her studies at Kent State University to pursue a longterm passion for the beauty industry. What many saw as a mistake, actually laid the foundation for the leaps of faith and hard decisions she'd make later in life. 

Over the course of the next 15 years Mindy saw success behind the chair, successfully transitioned from the salon world to a digital marketing agency, to eventually becoming a Director of Marketing within the nation's leading cosmetology schools.

Six months into the 2020 Pandemic, it was clear another reinvention was on the horizon. With two young kids in homeschool, a husband in the thick of it all as a Firefighter/EMT, a high-demand 9-5 role was no longer sustainable.

Putting both her family and mental health first, she walked away from a secure paycheck with no backup plan. Over the past year Mindy has openly shared each step of her path to Reinvention on her blog, podcast, and social media channels.

Embracing her new role as a full-time content creator, Mindy is partnering with brands and agencies alike to consult and execute on developing engaging creative and strategies to propel their businesses forward in this new digital landscape.

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