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Mindy Thomas is a Columbus, Oh podcast host and digital content creator.

A proud product of the Midwest, Mindy resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two kids. From the beginning, Mindy knew she was destined for a less conventional career path, even if she didn't know what that meant at the time.

With an impressive 10-year track record in performance marketing, including certifiations in Google Ads and Google Analytics, Mindy possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of online advertising and consumer behavior. 

In 2020, Mindy identified an opportunity to fill the void brands felt with an ever-increasing demand for social-first video content. She launched a career as full-time creator and digital personality, specializing in short-form video with a user-generated feel.

With a remarkable expertise in creating captivating videos for renowned brands such as Nutrisystem, Bambu Earth, Angela Caglia Skincare, Upside App, and many others, Mindy has established herself as a trusted authority in the industry.


Her wealth of experience and expertise enable her to craft social-first videos that effortlessly grab attention, halt the endless scroll, and drive substantial conversions.

Mindy's unique talent lies in her ability to combine her creative prowess with an analytical mindset. She meticulously analyzes data and trends to identify the most effective strategies for enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and ultimately, ROI. By incorporating her expertise in performance marketing and Google Analytics, Mindy creates videos that not only captivate the audience but also yield measurable results.

Mindy's commitment to staying ahead of the ever-evolving digital landscape is evident in her ability to adapt and thrive in the fast-paced world of online content creation. She remains at the forefront of industry trends, constantly exploring new techniques, tools, and platforms to ensure that her videos continue to be innovative, engaging, and effective.

With Mindy's extensive experience, unwavering passion, and proven track record, she is undoubtedly an invaluable asset for any brand seeking to maximize their digital presence and drive conversions through social-first video content. Collaborating with Mindy guarantees an exceptional level of expertise, creativity, and a profound understanding of what it takes to make videos that not only stop the scroll but also generate tangible results.


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