Collaborate with Mindy 

UGC Content Creation + Strategy


It's no secret User Generated Content is seen as a more authentic approach to advertising e-commerce products today. Consumers are more concerned about how the products will fit into their everyday lives over which celebrity is the face of a campaign. With a decade of paid advertising experience within many digital platforms, Mindy is availablable for strategy consultation and UGC content creation to help tell your story in a unique way while hitting your target audience where it matters most.

*Partnerships include Scripted Fragrance and Bambu Earth.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Communities are built on trust and loyalty. If you're looking to tap into an audience that refuses to settle for mediocre and is always supporting and lifting others, then let's chat about a customized sponsorship package within the Reinventing With Mindy community!


Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre + Mid-Roll Podcast Ad Buys

  • Sponsored Segment

  • Social Content Integration

  • Newsletter Placement