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3 Questions I've Been Asking Myself

2020 hasn’t just been the year of reinvention; it’s been a significant year of reflection.

In years past, there have been so many obligations: major deadlines, work travel, kid’s sporting commitments, the list goes on. It’s been easy to mask the hard-hitting questions one needs to ask themselves to break out of the monotony and find their purpose.

These past few months, especially, I’ve taken a long, hard look at what I have surrounded myself with personally and professionally. As I’m attempting to figure out my official next step (spoiler — I still have no clue), I’ve been taking stock in what has helped and hindered me in my past experiences.

These are three questions I’ve been asking myself repeatedly as I attempt to figure it out.

1. Does This Serve Me Well?

  • By “this,” I’m referring to all previous work experience, the people I interacted with, and those currently in my sphere of influence.

  • Did my previous experiences serve me well in the moment by preparing me to level up when/if a new opportunity arises?

  • Is it just busywork, or is it forcing me to expand my thinking and hone my skillset?

  • Am I surrounding myself with those that are supporting my ambitions?

Things I’ve come to realize:

  • I don’t handle monotonous tasks well. In positions of daily repetition, I found myself bored and unfulfilled day in and day out.

  • I am forging an unconventional path in an even more unconventional era, who I go to for advice, feedback, and support matters. Finding like-minded people who have curated a lifestyle beyond a detailed job description that elevates you up the corporate ladder has been a real key to my sanity.

  • Some may call me crazy, but I have found a reliable network of these supportive humans through Twitter interactions. In a virtual world, I believe it’s entirely acceptable to find support in these digital communities.

2. Is This In Line With The Legacy I Want To Leave?


I have spent a lot of time building someone else’s dreams. Starting now, I will realize my own.

Simple as that.

3. How Can I Add More Value?

Talking openly about where I am in this journey on multiple platforms has connected me with many outstanding people from all walks of life, in all areas of the world. The stories keep coming in, and with them, a sense of hope that I’m on the right path. And most importantly, I’m not alone.

So as I continue to mold a new future, I want to add as much value through what I create as possible. Yes, we all know I love beauty; tutorials and conversations around hair, makeup, and skincare will always be present. It’s a significant part of who I am.

Yet as I write this piece on reflection, the future is starting to materialize. Let’s create a community that allows for reinvention in any aspect of life for any reason at all. Let’s be the safe space to talk about the crazy aspirations and take the leaps to conquer what we only once dreamt. We don’t need a pandemic to validate a reason to take a risk and change an area we don’t like about our lives, and it doesn’t have to be limited to only professional career changes.

Maybe it’s a hairstyle, where you live, a relationship, or an aspect of one. Let’s normalize reinventing for the sake of reinventing.

What are the ways you evaluate your career and life goals? Do you ask yourself a set of questions? Do you create vision boards or speak with a life coach/therapist? As I continue to reinvent my future, I’d love some insight on how you’re planning yours! Comment here, or on this Instagram post, tweet me, or slide in my DMs to share your thoughts. But be sure to subscribe as well! I just find my new path?
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