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Sobriety As A Business Strategy

With notable celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Chrissy Tiegan publicly choosing to quit drinking as a personal choice, it does seem as though society is starting to reinvent the way we look at those who choose sobriety as a positive lifestyle change.

That’s why this conversation with Darren was so compelling to me. My goal with the content I distribute is to share ways people are reinventing their lives to reach their desired style of living. And for Darren, it was choosing a sober lifestyle that unlocked his potential as an entrepreneur.

In the past seven sober years, he has become the CEO of Issuance, enabling scalable online capital raising. He’s also the Executive Producer of Going Public, a new series that allows viewers to invest in IPO’s airing in September 2021 on And he's the Co-Founder of Yellow, a community that supports those that are "currently not drinking."

And the business strategy he equates to all of his success in that short time frame? Sobriety.

We also chat about:

-The Retail Investor Renaissance

-Where to start when raising capital

-The importance of giving a platform to underrepresented founders

To follow Darren’s daily journey and absorb some of his brilliance, be sure to follow him on Twitter HERE and keep up to date on the premiere of Going Public HERE!

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